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Splitting results pages, but ordering by date...?

by David Richardson
July 9, 2002 05:24

Hi all,

I've been using the method of browsing a database by splitting pages according to the last ID number (as per the examples). I've been ordering by the date of the record which has been working fine. *HOWEVER*, I've got a user who needs to enter data in retrospectively and the listing no longer works.

The only thing I can come up with is to export the database and then re-import it in date order so that the ID numbers are in the same order as the date. This is rather long-winded, and won't prevent the problem from happening again. So, has anyone got any ideas on how to do this?

Apologies to all for my Roger-esque quiet of late - I've been kind of drowning in a sea of work lately. I'll be getting onto the user discussion forums soon, for those of you who are interested. :-)



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