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RE: Need to access Access database from local user mapping, not from server, Frank Wagoner, 07-11-2002

Need to access Access database from local user mapping, not from server

by DB
July 11, 2002 22:38

So you have web services running on the win2k server and ODBiC + .html + templates + .mdb all being stored/accessed on/from the server as well.

The DBQ connection in the .odb's points to DBQ=../DOCS/apps/po_system/po_system.mdb which is a shared, local, physical drive on the server. Shared because you said that everyone currently has access to the actual .mdb. Everyone also has access to the data via a browser as well.

You would like to be able to use the local workstations mapping (say G:\..\..\..) to change server side .odb files? Example; Server side - po.mdb is located on the server at c:\data\po.mdb you create a DBQ connection that points to this location <!--DATABASE DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=c:\data\po.mdb;FIL=MS Access; UID=Admin --> Client side - You would like to be able to change the DBQ on the server side .odb files to reflect the clients mapped path to the shared resource on the server? Are you using ODBiC via a command prompt and not via web services?

Do users need to access the .mdb through the share as well as http? If so, then w/out using windows authentication, managing this is tough. If not, I would remove the share and add a user/password setup using ODBiC so that only people with a proper user/pass can access the info via http. So the .mdb will exist in a non-shared folder that no one has access to directly. Only ODBiC has access to the .mdb via http and you can restrict who uses odbic via odbic logon.

You also mentioned mapping a drive on the server to S:\ to access a shared folder. How/why would you map the data on the server to a local drive at S:\ on the server? Do you have a physical partition named S? There is a DOS cmd that will let you map a physical drive to a local folder.

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to get a better idea of how you have things setup.

Hope this helps.



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