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DATABASE Connection delays?

by Louis van Eijk
July 13, 2002 16:28

Hi All,

I just to connect to my databases without the DSN string but with the full path like:

DATABASE "DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=c:/databases/database.mdb; FIL=MS Access; UID=Admin";

I'm rewriting my scripts to get a better administrative result. When I when to change the path to the database. I made a DSN on my server with the default settings.

I changed all the database connection to:

DATABASE DSN=database; ( minding the case! )

Now comes my problem.

I have a script that add a memo-record to a customer. When I've added the record, the customerpage is INCLUDED in the script. In the customerpage the added memo-record is shown as many other record from other tables.

When I use the DBQ connection, I see a direct result of the added record. But when using the DSN connection the record isn't shown.

BUT! I do see the record when I reload the page again.

So it seems that for some reason the DSN connection has a slower reaction to the database. Maybe because of a buffer???

Is the DBQ connection better???




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