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RE: Need to access Access database from local user mapping, not from server, DB, 07-11-2002

Thanks DB for giving me options to explore!

by Frank Wagoner
July 14, 2002 20:53

Thanks DB for responding so quickly! Looks like you gave me some ideas to follow up on.

First, I'm not sure how easy it is to convert an application designed with ODBiC using the CGI-BIN folder on our Intranet (Win2K) server to the ODBiC command-prompt method. If it's as easy as changing file locations and their references in the files, then I'm definitely for this option.

Or, I can use ODBiC and create a security table to validate user names/passwords before allowing access. This option would be much easier than setting up Windows access for all of our employees as most will not need this as they are using our Novell servers for application/file access and only use the Win2K server to pull up the web pages served from it.

Or, I can bite the bullet and set up each of our employees in Win2K active directory now instead of later. As we further develop our Intranet, I plan to create many more apps using ODBiC and setting up the Win2K security for all our users may be the easiest method in the long run. I can give our employees rights to a specific folder on the Win2K server that will not be accessible to outside users (service providers, grantor, etc.).

In typing this reply, I guess I sold myself on the Windows authentication. Thanks again for helping me determine my options available and for responding so quickly!

My only regret is that I wish I had found ODBiC earlier; thank god I finally have a tool that will allow me to do massive amounts of input validation without having to learn PL/SQL which is a bear. ODBiC does what it states .. it gives those with some HTML and SQL knowledge a simple application to bridge these languages together.

Frank :)


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