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Inserting images in .odb files

by Frank Wagoner
July 16, 2002 13:00

I'm trying to insert an image on an .odb page, but the image is not loading in the browser. The .odb page referencing the image is located in the same directory on our web server, which is:

DOCS\apps\psa_reports\ <--DOCS is our HTML directory

The HTML statement I have on the page is the following:

<img border="0" src="psa_reports.jpg" align="left" width="135" height="49">

I've tried changing the source numerous methods including adding "apps\psa_reports\", "..\psa_reports\", etc. but every time the image will not display. The place where the image is expected does display but with a small red X instead of the image. I have one other image on the same .odb page and it is also not loading; however, the hyperlink referenced by the image is loading another page as expected in the same folder.

Is it possible to have images on .odb pages? In the application I'm developing, the first page is a .htm file that requests the name/password of the user. The next page verifies that the user is in Oracle (by performing a simple SQL SELECT FROM DUAL query and checking sql_status), and then the same page brings up the drop-down menus.


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