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RE: Thanks DB for giving me options to explore!, Frank Wagoner, 07-14-2002

Found a better method to ensure local workstation access only

by Frank Wagoner
July 21, 2002 19:30

I found an even better way to ensure only our LAN workstations can access specific systems we create.

First, I created an Access database called Job_Tracking (the name of one of our apps) and placed it in the ODBIC folder. In this database, there are two tables. One is "security_users" and the other is "security_admin". Both tables only contain one field named "IP Address". I then entered the IP addresses of all of our LAN workstations in the security_users table and only the LAN workstation IP addresses of those able to perform certain app functions in the security_admin table.

Then, I created a "security.odb" file and placed it in the ODBIC folder. This .odb file is referenced by the application before creating the page by use of an INCLUDE statement. The security.odb file matches the $remote_addr$ of the workstation against the database using a simle SELECT * statement against the Job_Tracking.mdb. If there's a match (sql_status=0), then the .odb file closes and the app .odb file proceeds to create the page. If there's no match (sql_status<>0), then the .odb file displays "Access Denied", provides a button to go back in the browser, and then exits.

This method requires no ODBIC login or any other form of login by LAN users and prevents service providers (or other outside parties using our Intranet) from accessing the application. Our users will not have to log in to the Intranet applications (don't they have enough logins as it is!) and workstation-level security is achieved.

This security method will work for us since our Intranet applications do not contain sensitivity or confidential information.

Frank :)


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