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Solving the checkbox issue

by Louis van Eijk
August 20, 2002 03:01

I've been strugling with it for months maybe even a year.

The issue when having a random list of people and a checkbox beside it the set the person active or inactive.

And I finnaly (think) I've solved this problem with Javascript.

The problem with the checkboxes are that they don't send a value not even a valuename in the variable list when submitting a form.

If you're using EACHMULTI to read the variables, all is lost. Because there aren't equal variables in the list.

The trick in my solution is to set the checkbox active just before submitting the form.

If you are curious on how I did it, just check the ODBIC' "resource server" at http://odbic.tinex.net

I will upload an example to look at there.

If you have better suggestions, please let me know!

Louis van Eijk


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