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ODBiC Error: Error opening the input file: No such file or directory C:\HTTPD\HTDOCS\test$from$

by KenRoy
August 22, 2002 10:09

THis is a asample template file from version 2.1 That I am trying to configure to work. It update the database, however I do not understand why the file it is trying to call is not update in the $from$ variable

<!--IF NOT $name$ OR NOT $c$--> <HTML> <BODY> <H3>User name and password are required to register</H3> <P> <B>Please go back and enter both.</B> </BODY> </HTML> <!--EXIT--> <!--ENDIF-->

<!--DATABASE DSN=memphis; UID=$memphis$; PWD=$memphis$; --> <!--SQL SELECT odbic_uid AS rec_uid, password FROM Users WHERE user_name='$name$'--> <!--IF NOT $row$ OR ($row$ AND $pwd($c$)=$password$) --> <!--IF $rec_uid$--> <!--SET odbic_uid=$rec_uid$--> <!--ENDIF--> <!--USER user_name, password, user_email--> <!--TRACEON--> <!--SET user_name=$name$, password=$pwd($c$), user_email=$email$--> <!--DEFAULT from="index.htm"--> <!--SET to=$from$$if(pos($from$,"?"),"&","?")"odbic_uid="$odbic_uid$"&odbic_sid="$odbic_sid$ --> <HTML> <HEAD><TITLE>Registered</TITLE> <META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="1;url=$to$"> </HEAD<BODY> <CENTER> <H3>Thank you. You are now registered as $user_name$</H3> <B>Please wait for this page to reload.</B> <P> <I>If this page does not reload within a few seconds, please <A HREF="$to$">click here to continue.</A></I> </BODY> </HTML>

<!--ELSE--> <HTML> <BODY> <H3>A user with that name alread exists</H3> <P> <B>Please go back and try another name.</B> </BODY> </HTML> <!--ENDIF-->


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