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Release 2.2 Now Available - Upgrade for $10

by Roger Harris
September 17, 2002 14:55

Release 2.2 is now available. The complete feature list is available by clicking the "Features" link in the navigation bar on the new home page at http://odbic.com but briefly, the enhancements are:

- HTTPGET and HTTPPOST to send requests to other Web servers. The result (minus the headers) is just output, but you can open a file with the OUTPUT command before doing the request, close it, then use the IMPORT command to read it back in and process each line. The status and returned headers are stuffed into variables, if you need them.

- SQL TABLES and SQL COLUMNS commands, which returns a query result set about table and column definitions from the database system "meta-data" tables. (This will let you do "dynamic" database utilities without knowing in advance what the tables and columns are, e.g. let the user create a customized report by selecting from a list of available tables and columns.)

- EACHINPUT command to loop through all CGI/HTTP input variables, so you can do any formatting you want, e.g. for a generic "form mailer", or just check to see what variables were passed in to a template.

- SENDMAIL attachments that are text are not Base64 encoded now (which may help with problems that some people have had with attachments).

- $encrypt( ) and $decrypt( ) functions, with matching JavaScript functions that you can embed in a page, which will allow you to encrypt fields before submitting a form or decrypt fields downloaded in a page. (For an example of this functionality -- encrypted e-mail messages sent in HTML format with the decryption JavaScript embedded -- please see my new site at http://safemail.to . This site is an enhanced service for the FormMail.To site I've had for several years. With this service, you can have FormMail.To forms on an SSL secure server and send the messages encrypted.)

- A few other miscellaneous functions and built-in variables.

If you're still using Version 1.6, there are a LOT of new features in this release, so please check the feature list. Even if you have one of the earlier 2.1 releases, there were several features added after those early releases.

Unfortunately, I find that it is now necessary to discontinue the policy of unlimited upgrades. If you have registered within the last year, please send me an e-mail and I'll send you the upgrade. Otherwise, if your registration is older than one year, the upgrade is $10 and can be ordered using the link below. (This is a PayPal payment process, and for now, I'll e-mail you the upgrade. I'll automate the process later.)

Upgrade to Release 2.2 for $10


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