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still in trouble with big dbf files...

by hellbarto
November 21, 2002 11:18

i still haven't found a FAST way to create a csv file with odbic , retreiving data from big dbf files...

here is an "english" version of the odb file i'm using at the moment...

-------------------------------------------------------------- 1st query: select productid,artist,title,other stuff, from main.dbf where media type="DVD" # main.dbf is a 90Mb 700.000 record file # this part takes only 4 / 5 minutes

while results { select notes from notes.dbf where productid= previous productid

# notes.dbf is a 600.000 record file with 2 fields: productid # and notes. I need to select all the notes WHERE productid # corresponds to DVD from 1st query. THIS TAKES 15 HOURS... could it be faster if it was all in a Access file ?.. how can i convert from dbf to mdb ?


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