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RE: creating .xls files online, Tony Klett, 10-20-2003

Excel not possible, but....

by David Richardson, October 21, 2003 09:00

...you *can* create CSV files, which Excel can easily open.

All you would need to do is use the OUTPUT command to output the results of your query to a file, with the ".csv" extension. In the EACHROW statement you would create a newfile and then output the variables as a string for each row, thus:

"$var1$","$var2$,"$var3$" (and so on as needed)
<% ENDROW %>

That would then give you a file, filled with the values you want that you could offer for download.

The only downside is that you wouldn't be able to delete the file automatically, so possibly the better way of doing it is to have ODBiC send that file by email to the individual.

Hope that helps.


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