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Apparently bogus "No rows selected" Fixed

by Leonard Harris, November 19, 2003 19:32

I'm posting this as a separate msg rather than a reply because I couldn't get reply to work.

After considerable cogitation and frustration, I found and fixed the crazy select problem. Turns out that one record in the mdb file was corrupted. A couple fields within this one record were indicated as containing #Error rather than the correct field value. And this happened to be the very first record in the vlnteer table. Any query which selected this record aborted when this record was accessed. Unfortunately, apparently ODBiC doesn't return an error in this case, but just returned zero rows (in the simple SELECT query). When I tried similar testing using php rather than ODBiC, php returned an error and indicated the corrupted record. I deleted the record and now all works as expected.

Exactly what caused the #Error indications to appear is not completely clear. Access Help suggest that this can occur if simultaneous updates are atttempted.


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