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Can ODBiC work with Win 2003 server?, Gordon Hsu, 01-24-2004

by Gordon Hsu, January 24, 2004 20:08


Thanks for the reply. My ODBiC files end with .odb. The error message form web browser (like http://www.a.com/b.odb) is HTTP Error 404 (File or directory not find). But I am quite sure the file is over there. There is no problem when the file is a.htm or a.html. I suspect that it is because the file type is odb. The ODB is the system file type for OLAP Database Meta data. But I tried with oda but it still did not work

Please note I have no problem for Window 2000 server. Every setting is exactly the same for Win 2003 server but it just can not work. Thanks.



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