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Table field length and EXPORT

by Dave Beller, February 4, 2004 10:04

I have a STUDENT table that contains a field LN and 2 TEMP tables (TEMP and TEMP1) that also contain a field calld LN. Each field length is set to 50; the fixed STUDENT table by default and '[LN] char(50)' when creating the TEMP tables. When I go to export data from the fixed STUDENT table the output looks like this "Humperdink"

When I go to export data from the result of the TEMP1 table (which is a comparison of the STUDENT and TEMP tables) the output looks like this "Humperdink " with all of the 50 spaces.

The field settings are exactly the same for all LN fields. This is happening for all of my text fields.

I'm stumped.



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