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RE: Is anyone out there?, Tony Klett, 07-16-2004

As long as your server can support ODBC & CGI

by Gordon Hsu, July 16, 2004 10:39


I don't know how many users still use the ODB Script but I blieve that many users still use it (ODB Script is really the excllent program) but just stop access this web site because it have been buried with garbage advertisements.

As long as your server still supports CGI & and ODBC, then you will have no problem to use ODB Script at all. For now, ODB Script is still supported by from NT up to Win2003 server. I have found that in Win 2003 server, I will need to make additional adjustment to make it work. It just stops devleoping, that's all. I don't believe that CGI & ODBC will not be supported by web server (either IIS or Apache) in the future. But if it is, then we will have big trouble. Thanks.



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