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RE: Use of the INCLUDE command, Max Steiner, 08-29-2004

alternative way to do it

by Gordon Hsu, August 30, 2004 06:46


My understaning is that the INCLUDE command only inserts the text file into your original ODB file and then send to ODB script (by web server) to process. From ODB script point of view, there is no diference whether you use INCLUDE or not. It will get the routine file in INCLUDE but as long as you file is without bug, it should be OK. I have used the INCLUDE in the very complicated logic and didn't give me problem.

But my suggestion is not to use INCLUDE at all. The value of variable (from DB) you retrieved from EACHROW/ENDROW will be automaticaly updated in every pass of EACHROW/ENDROW. Just directly use the variable in each EACHROW/ENDROW.

However, if you want to save the varaible you retrieved from DB for latter use, you can use SET and IF commands to save into the varaible of variable in the every pass of EACHROW/ENDROW.

Like: <!--SET Variable1 = $VAR(VariableOfVariable$Count1$) --> or <!--IF $Variable2$ = $VAR(VariableOfVariable$Count1$) --> <!--SET Variable3= $Variable2$ --> <!--ENDIF --> Please note the variable of $count1$ is from the EACHROW/ENDROW. You can modify the above SET and IF to suit your needs. Hope it will help. Thanks.



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