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Check existing file with IF statment

by Wayne, September 8, 2004 16:16

Hi all, I am very new to ODBiC script. I need to write the stament to check if the file is exit in the folder then make url link to file which is PDF. Otherwise, make the linke to default html page. Here is my ideal to write the script, but not sure what's variable to use when EXEC return value to do a comparion. I would appreciate any help I can get on this. --Wayne

<!-- EXCE dir C:\PDF\$FILE_NAEM$.PDF -->

<TD><!--IF $FILE_NAME$ != RETURN_EXE--> <A href=http://localhost/eco/default.html>$FILE_NAME$ <!--ELSE--> <A href=http://localhost/eco/$FILE_NAME$.pdf>$FILE_NAME$ <!--ENDIF--></TD>


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