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RE: I don't use the session command, David Richardson, 10-26-2004

Using Cookie as well

by Gordon, October 26, 2004 18:26


Like David, I also use cookie. Here is a little detail of how to do it with cookie.

1. Create the login file (ie. login.odb) and insert <!--SETCOOKIE Cookie_ID=$User_ID$, EXPIRES=4h --> somewhere in the login.odb

2. Insert the following lines to login.odb <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Logged On</TITLE><META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="0;url=$From$"></HEAD><BODY><CENTER><H3>You are now logged in as $User_Name$</H3><B>Please wait for this page to reload.</B><P><I>If this page does not reload within a few seconds, please click <A HREF="$From$">here</A> to continue.</I></BODY></HTML>

3. Insert the following lines to the begining of every web pages you will have (same directory as login.odb): <!--IF NOT $Cookie_ID$ --> <!--REDIRECT login.odb?From=$REPL($PATH_INFO$,$PATH_INFO_DIR$"/"="") --> <!--ENDIF -->

Hope this will help.



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