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RE: Session., Carlos Santos, 10-31-2004

You need the TMP

by Roger Harris, October 31, 2004 16:42

If you use a TMP directory in your login.odb script (and I recommend that you do), then you have to use that same specification in *all* SESSION statements. (That's where the script will look for an existing session file.)

But I don't think your LOGIN=login.odb will work. It needs to be the same kind of URL (or partial URL) that you would use in an <A HREF="..."> link. If it's an ODBiC script, then you probably need something like LOGIN="/cgi-bin/odbic.exe/yourScriptDir/login.odb". A script that detects a timeout (or no existing session) will do an ordinary "redirect" to that URL -- it doesn't make any assumptions about what or where that file is. (If you are using "script mapping" on your server to automatically send all .odb files to odbic.exe, then you don't need that part of the URL, but otherwise you do, just like an <A> link.)


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