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RE: form authentication, Dave B, 11-14-2004

You can use SESSION LOGIN='...' in the main.odb page

by Roger Harris, November 14, 2004 17:49

If you set up a SESSION in your login.odb, if you then use SESSION LOGIN="..." in your main.odb page with the URL of your login.odb, then the user will be sent to the login page if there is no session established yet (as with a direct URL to the main.odb), *or* if the session times out.

As David pointed out, if all you need to do is to detect that the user has not logged in yet, you can do that with just a cookie, set in login.odb and tested in the main.odb page. SESSION is mainly intended for keeping "session persistent" variables in a tempory file, so you don't have to pass them around from page to page.


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