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RE: INCLUDE command not working, David Dickinson, 11-12-2004

(This problem was because of a space character in a directory name.)

by Roger Harris, December 4, 2004 17:59

Windows allows spaces in file names and folder names -- actually, you could say they seem to *encourage* it -- but it's really not a good thing to do for anything associated with the Web. Spaces in URL directory path or file name will not be processed properly by Web servers. They need to be replaced with "%20" (which is the hex-code for a space character). The ODBscript IMPORT, OUTPUT, etc. commands that require a file system path should work if you enclose file paths in double-quotes, but I *strongly* recommend avoiding spaces for anything used on a Web site. You'll save yourself a lot of trouble if you use underscore characters instead of spaces to separate multi-work names, or just capitalize the first letter of each word in a name and run them together. Both methods are perfectly readable.


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