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RE: It's like it can't even use the mapped drive via drive designator or UNC path (No msg), Darryl Taylor, 12-29-2004

It's possibly a permissions problem

by Roger Harris, December 29, 2004 15:32

CGIs run under an "anonymous" Windows user ID (usually IUSR_machinename). You may be having a problem because that user ID doesn't have the necessary permission to access the network drive. (Sorry I can't tell you how to check for that or how to fix it, but I did hear from another user that that was a problem, but he was able to set the correct permission and get it to work. I also have used the EACHFILE command myself on a mapped network drive, on Windows NT, and didn't have any problems, so it was apparently already set up to allow access to the user ID. All I can suggest is to check the "Properties->Security" tab for that mapped drive.)


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