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Blank lines

by Tim Logan, January 26, 2005 11:00

How can I force a blank line in an output file? I am creating an LDIF file and need to be able to seperate records with a blank line. Putting a space/tab etc will not work for this.

As a workaround I have done this...

<!--output $path_translated_dir$/ActiveEmail.ldif Append-->
dn: mail=$mail$, ou=$ou$, o=$o$, c=US
objectClass: $objectClass$
cn: $mail$
mail: $mail$
creatorsName: cn=admin, o=$o$, c=US
createTimestamp: $date_ymd$$repl($time24_hms$,":"="")Z

<!--note Need to get rid of "----------" and put a blank line its place--> <!--exec d:\perl\bin\perl -e s/----------//gi -p -i.bak $path_translated_dir$\ActiveEmail.ldif -->

It works, but having a purely ODBiC solution would be better.


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