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RE: Blank lines, Tim Logan, 01-26-2005

What is the file date on your odbic.exe?

by Roger Harris, January 26, 2005 16:42

That would be a bug, but it doesn't appear to be a problem in the new 3.0 version or in the last build of v2.2. I believe I recently sent you a copy of the v2.2 "big variable" version -- is that the one that's having the problem?

Meanwhile, you can try the $asc(13) that David suggested at the end of the last line, and if that doesn't work, try $asc(10). (The $asc(13) is a carriage-return (CR) character and $asc(10) is a line-feed (LF). With the C file IO library that ODBscript uses, a line-feed at the end of a line will be replaced with a CR/LF pair when the line is written to the output file, to make it a standard MS-DOS text-file format. So, I would think that, if it's going to work at all, the $asc(10) would do it, but the code might possibly not output that CR/LF pair, because of the bug. If that's the case, I'll need to get you a version that with the bug fixed.)


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