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Importing Tab delimited files

by David Richardson, February 14, 2005 16:05

Sorry Roger, haven't had the opportunity to try the MD5 hash encoding yet. Had a few curved balls thrown my way.

I'm getting quite a few files which exist currently in Excel. Usually I'd get people to export them as a CSV file. But Excel doesn't quote exported CSVs, and many of these fields contain quotes - as well as commas - as they're textual.

So I thought I'd try TAB delimited, but I just cannot get it to import. I've tried the keyboard tab, $asc(9). I've even tried Ken Logan's method (earlier in this discussion) of converting to a pipe-delimited file and then importing - had CGI timeout sometimes, but even then ran into problems.

I can't help feeling I'm missing something. Why can't I put a TAB (unquoted) as a delimter in the IMPORT command?


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