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RE: Version 3.0 validates the format of e-mail addresses, Roger Harris, 02-15-2005

That's a nice feature, but not what I mean

by Tim L, February 17, 2005 06:38

No, I mean when to TO is formatted correctly, but it's not a valid account on the server. For example, ODBScript connects to the mail server and attempts to deliver a message to joebob@domain.com, but there is no such account. The mail server returns an error message "550 Recipient unknown" and waits for the next command. Unfortunately, ODBScript doesn't issue another command. Apparently it is still waiting for a message from the mail server that says "250 Recipient ok".

What I'm looking for is ODBscript to make note of the error and continue processing. Ideally (for me) the error message would not be displayed for the user, but would be logged and/or emailed to the admin.


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