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RE: Confirming email, John, 02-23-2005

Just use a link in the e-mail...

by Roger Harris, February 23, 2005 16:04

... that passes the confirmation number as a variable, directly in that URL. You'll need to somehow generate a confirmation number and put that into your database. Then, just pass the number as a URL variable by adding "?" to the URL to the script, followed by "variable=value".

Suppose, for example, your domain is domain.com, that you have odb.exe on your /cgi-bin directory, that you have a script to handle the confirmation named confirm.odb on a directory named /odb, and that you have the confirmation number in a variable named confirm. The link to use in the e-mail would then look something like this:

You might also want to pass back the e-mail address that you sent the number to. To put multiple variable=value pairs in a URL, separate them with a "&" character.

Please see the Users Guide for more details about linking to odb.exe and passing variables.


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