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RE: Yes, ODBscript can handle the IPN, Roger Harris, 02-26-2005

A caution about using the "thank you" script

by Roger Harris, February 26, 2005 12:14

Since a "thank you" script can collect and verify the payment data like an IPN script, it might be tempting to just use that and not bother with the IPN. Unfortunately, the "thank you" script is not reliable enough to depend on to collect the data: It will only be called if the customer's browser gets to that page from the PayPal payment completion page. If the customer browses off to another site without clicking that "continue" button, or if she loses her internet connection, or if your script is not responding for whatever reason, then you won't receive the payment data. An IPN, on there other hand, will automatically be posted if the payment is completed in PayPal, regardless of where the customer goes after that. And, if your IPN script doesn't respond, PayPal will periodically try again.

On my SoftSeller.com site, I use an IPN script to collect the payment data and send an e-mail to the customer with a download link for the purchased product. But I also use a "thank you" page script to allow immediate downloading. So both scripts validate the payment data and try to log it (ignoring duplicates, since either script might be called first).

So you can use both types of scripts, but I don't recommend using the "thank you" script without also using the IPN.


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