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RE: Question with OPTION Lists, Frank Wagoner, 03-19-2005

You can use SETMULTI

by Roger Harris, March 22, 2005 15:08

You can use SETMULTI to save the column data -- in effect, as an array of variables that all have the same name -- and then process them with an EACHMULTI loop to reprocess them one at a time:

<SELECT NAME="Wheel_Choice_1"> <!--SQL SELECT Brand, Model, Size, FROM Wheels ORDER BY 1, 2, 3 -->
<OPTION>$Brand$ $Model$ $Size$
<!--SETMULTI mBrand=$Brand$, mModel=$Model$, mSize=$Size$ -->
<SELECT NAME="Wheel_Choice_2"> 
<!--EACHMULTI mBrand, mModel, mSize -->
<OPTION>$mBrand$ $mModel$ $mSize$


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