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RE: Thanks for your quick reply Roger but...., Louis Brachthuizen, 03-23-2005

In the sample files...

by Roger Harris, March 23, 2005 12:22

... there is a DATABASE statement in the wwwtitle.incl file, which will specify the database connection for all scripts that include that file. However, it is not set to an actual value:

NOTE: Change HREF above to point back to home page, and change the database
	database specification below if you are not using DSN=myProducts.
	Please see the readme.txt file for installation instructions;

NOTE: SET db="DSN=myProducts;UID=Admin";

DATABASE $db$; %>

The SET db="..." statement is actually just a comment unless you remove the "NOTE:" in front of it. So, remove the "NOTE:" part of the line, and change the DSN=... if you need to (i.e. if you created a DSN with a different name). (The UID=Admin is okay if you are using the .mdb file from the example zip file.) Then, the DATABASE statement will specify the connection string using the $db$ value. (It's set in a variable because some of the scripts also need access to the connection string, so they can also use a "DATABASE $db$" statement.)

If you are getting that connection error message, then your script is executing okay -- the .odb mapping must be working.


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