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RE: You can use SETMULTI, Roger Harris, 03-22-2005

I didn't realize that SETMULTI is so nice to use

by Gordon Hsu, March 23, 2005 19:23


Thank you so much for the tip. I had the similar problem as Frank had and had to use <!--SELECT--> over and over again. Now I learn the new technique!!

FYI, I also find we can re-use the <!--EACHMULTI --> which is very good. For example, my code will something like:

<!--SQL SELECT Brand, Model, Size, FROM Wheels ORDER BY 1, 2, 3 -->
   <!--SETMULTI mBrand=$Brand$, mModel=$Model$, mSize=$Size$ -->
<SELECT NAME="Wheel_Choice_1"> 
   <!--EACHMULTI mBrand, mModel, mSize -->
      <OPTION>$Brand$ $Model$ $Size$
<SELECT NAME="Wheel_Choice_2"> 
   <!--EACHMULTI mBrand, mModel, mSize -->
      <OPTION>$mBrand$ $mModel$ $mSize$

I also realize that we can even retrieve two <!--SELECT--> and control the OPTION appearance by the variables name appear in the <!--EACHMULTI-->. In the sense, SETMULTI is array of memory that we can manapulate it in the application. Thank you so much Roger!


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