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RE: Thanks a million Roger.....but 1 tiny problem remains, Louis Brachthuizen, 03-26-2005

Oops, that function isn't supported in the freeware version

by Roger Harris, March 28, 2005 21:23

That search function uses the QBE ("query by example") command, which isn't included in the freeware version, so that search page shouldn't be included in the freeware example files. The QBE command lets you put up a form with various database columns and the user can enter selection criteria in any one or more of the fields. The QBE command examines the input (as explained in the text below the form) and constructs an SQL query to select on the user's criteria.

The other search function in the freeware example files -- the keyword search -- only implements a very limited search, compared to the registered version. In the registered version, there is a SEARCH command that lets you enter keywords compounded with "AND," "OR," and "NOT," use parenthetical expressions for complex compounding, and it also handles quoted phrases. In the freeware version, there is only a very simplified keyword search, which just constructs an SQL query statement using LIKE operators for the entered keywords.

I'll fix the example files to make that clear.


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