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RE: ODBscript sets access mode before each SQL execution, Roger Harris, 04-12-2005

an example

by Louis, April 12, 2005 12:28

The following code is in a script called by every other script.

SQL SELECT sqlupdate FROM users WHERE user='$ucase($env(LOGON_USER))' and script='$path_info$';

IF $sqlupdate$<>1; SETOPTION SQL_ACCESS_MODE='read_only'; ENDIF;

When doing this, the SETOPTION has no effect. The database is already opened in another script before this one.

When I use the following code, I bypass the problem:

IF $sqlupdate$<>1; DATABASE $database$; SETOPTION SQL_ACCESS_MODE='read_only'; ENDIF;

The database is probably opened again. I think this is a access problem ?!?


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