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RE: an example, Louis, 04-12-2005

The SETOPTION should be before the SQL

by Roger Harris, April 14, 2005 13:44

The SETOPTION for any "SQL_..." options needs to be placed *before* the SQL statement. Those options are set on the database connection immediately before execution of each SQL statement, so changing them after your SELECT doesn't have any effect (until the next SQL statement).

The DATABASE command does not actually cause the database to be opened or reopened. Instead, the specified connection string is just saved until the next SQL statement. When any SQL statement is executed, ODBscript will first attempt to find a previously opened connection with the same specification as the current DATABASE string; and if that connection has yet been opened, it will open a new connection. Subsequent SQL statements will continue to use the same connection, unless a subsequent DATABASE statement specifies a different database.


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