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output what is being queried

by sam, May 15, 2005 14:44

Is it possible to query everyting from database and then simple put that in file like select * from inventory where item=$item$ and the table has abt 20 columns that I want to output with tab delimeter, but I don't want to type 2o items with tab inbetween and than $whatever$ twenty times again with tab inbetween. what i have right now is <%output c:\temp\data.csv INSERT %> ITEM NUMBER <tAB> iTEM NAME <TAB> ITEM DESCRIBITION<Tab>.......goes on with twenty items <%Output% c:\temp\data.csv APPEND %> <%eachrow %> $itemnum$ <Tab> $itemname$<Tab>.....goes on for twenty items <%endrow% > <%output%> I don't want to type twenty items and add more if I add more column. I just want all the columns being output <%output


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