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RE: HTTPS POST to credit card gateway, Leonard Harris, 05-15-2005

You will need a special version

by Roger Harris, May 16, 2005 08:57

I do have a version that supports HTTPS requests, but it requires two additional DLLs from the OpenSSL library, so I haven't included that functionality in the standard version. I can send you that version, if you can install DLLs on your server -- send me an email if you want it.

With this version, you would just use "https://..." instead of "http://.." at the beginning of the URL in the $httppost(...) function.

The $httppost(...) function can be used to set the response into a variable:

<% SET resp = $httppost("https://...", var1, var2, var3) %>
(Following the URL is the list of variables that you want to send in the request.)

The $resp$ variable will be set the the text returned by the request, so what you do with the response depends on what's in that return text. For that, check the gateway documentation, but you will probably need to "parse" that $resp$ variable to interpret the response.


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