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by VARDALIS MILTOS, June 1, 2005 04:46

From Avanti Travel Thessaloniki - Greece e-mail : avanti@hol.gr www.avantitravel.gr

Dear Sirs,

we are a travel agency and we are planning to reconstruct our site, which, currently, is labeled “upon reconstruction”. Its primary “home page” can be seen at www.avantitravel.gr By the reconstruction of our travel agency site we aim mainly to • Give the opportunity to the existing and potential clients to find the services they need via our presence at Internet, without deviating our existence at the field, that is, to help them get in contact with our providers (hotels, airliners, etc) always via our agency. • Give the opportunity to – mainly – hoteliers to come in contact with potential clientele via our agency also as exclusively as possible.

Therefore we decided to present a 9 pages site under the following specific structure: 1. Eight (8) static pages ( “Home page” with more or less standard elements, such as, names, contacts, services to be provided, basic links to our other pages, etc p l u s 7 pages providing pure and only information in MS Excel style tables which their update process will be made by us whenever WE shall feel necessary) 2. One (1) dynamic “HOTEL PAGE” into which hotels all over Greece (on a later stage beyond Greece also) will have the ability whenever feel necessary to enter and publish a) their name b) their location, c) their category, d) their classification, and e) the lowest price they can offer for a specific period of time for the cheapest two bedded type room

Attention : – the hotels must make directly without our interference all this procedure after they have got a key or code access by us.

This page also, must include a clientele request form searching our site – not the internet itself, for hotel availability under similar criteria.

We feel that this HOTEL PAGE is where we need you. So, the question that must be answered : is the ODBscript what would help us construct and maintain such a dynamic “HOTEL PAGE” or not ? Please take also under consideration that our HTML knowledge is very-very limited… Awaiting your soonest possible reply Best regards Vardalis Miltos


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