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RE: Difference between ODBiC and ODBscript, Chris Streeter, 06-20-2005

Release 3.0 is the upgrade after 2.2

by Roger Harris, June 20, 2005 15:10

With release 3.0, I decided to rename ODBiC to ODBscript, and it is the next upgrade after release 2.2. This release does include several enhancements and bug fixes, and the only incompatibility with all prior releases is that the "no template mode" has been changed for security reasons. With this mode in previous versions, you could pass in SQL statements and a database connection string, in variables named "sql" and "database" respectively. In release 3.0, however, these have been replaced by "in_sql" and "in_database", and the values need to be encrypted with the new $sysEncrypt( ) function.

Please see this posting for more details


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