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RE: odbic linux version?, sam, 06-26-2005

Maybe time to revisit that

by Roger Harris, June 27, 2005 00:11

Several years ago, I attempted to do a Linux version (and even had help from several people who know more about Linux than I do), but didn't have much success. The problem was not with ODBiC -- it's almost all "vanilla" C and CGI (except for some non-standard Microsoft TCP/IP socket stuff, which isn't hard to replace). The problem was with the ODBC implementations on Linux at that time, both with the ODBC Driver Manager and the database-specific drivers. I was able to get it to work somewhat, eventually, with one database, but it wasn't at all easy, primarily because it was so hard to figure out specifically why it wasn't working. I decided not to release that version because it looked like it would be a total nightmare to support. I seriously doubt that very many people could have gotten it running on any specific version of Linux without a lot of help that I wasn't really qualified to provide because of my limited experience with it (not to mention the difficulty and time required to troubleshoot anything on a Unix system without actually being on the system). The thing that makes ODBiC so easy to use on Windows systems is that ODBC is aready there and is very stable on all versions of Windows, and it works the same on all of them.

ODBscript works very well with MySQL on Windows using a driver provided by MyODBC. So, I've been meaning to give it another try on Linux using MyODBC for the driver manager.


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