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by sam, August 1, 2005 04:42

Is there a way to compile ODBIC to start doing Active Directory/Network Admin task. For an example. I have a list of all my server in the database. Let's say I want to ping servers that starts with some character, so not all the servers in the database. I want to kick off the ping through the website and should get like a progress bar and once the result is populate in the database it should return the values. So If I create a link that passes the values like 'ABC' and my select satement says <% select server from inventory where server like 'ABC%'%> <%eachrow%> Start ping Update Inventory (ping) values(%????%) Where server like $server$; <%endrow %>

Now it should ping the servers and update a column next to server column with 1 or 0 depending on the reply or timeout respectively. But while it's doing ping I should be able to put like a wait or progress bar until the moment its read to publish the data...

You should think about taking www.winbatch.com (winbatch software) and make it part of your odbic. That will be a dream for NT Admins..


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