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space in column name bugging out optionlist?

by tom, August 5, 2005 09:52

I'm not a big fan of spaces in column names so don't fault me for this... I just inherited this mess.

I have an optionlist inside an updateform: <!--updateform table = description, key = inv number, 'title', 'description', optionlist=(category = OS, DBS, DII, Tools, Misc, Maps, Products), optionlist=(type = GOTS, COTS, INTERNAL, FINAL), 'version', "BOM Number" 'bomnumber', optionlist=('media type' = CD-ROM, 8mm tape, 4mm tape, MO, 3.5 Floppy, FTP, Other), 'platform', checkbox=(verified, Verified, Not Verified), 'verified by', #date#, 'comments', optionlist=(support = Yes, No), 'support info', 'license', 'license info', 'filename', "Date Received" #date_rec# -->

And I'm getting: Media Type: [No option list found for media] in the middle of the form (all other fields display correctly).

Appears to be stopping at the space in the column name.

I tried single quoting 'media type', enclosing it in brackets ([media type])... no luck.

Version 2.2.

Ideas? (besides renaming the column... last resort)

Thanks in advance, Tom


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