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RE: VARCHAR (No msg), Tim Logan, 08-24-2005

I can't seem to duplicate the problem

by Roger Harris, August 26, 2005 10:16

Try this instead:

<!--set myDate = $format("mm/dd/yyyy", $myDate$)-->
(Or you can use <!--format myDate="mm/dd/yyyy"--> at the beginning of the template.)

If myDate is exactly 8 digits, then date formatting will recognize it as being a date in "yyyymmdd" form. If that returns an "invalid date" error, then the field values must not be exactly 8 digits. (For example, if the field is CHAR(9) instead of VARCHAR(8) or (9), then there will be an extra space at the end to make the field exactly 9 characters. That doesn't really explain the problem you reported, but it might be something like that.)


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