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Size Limit on ODBscript variables

by Chris Streeter, September 4, 2005 12:39

I found that there seems to be a limit to the size of a statement in ODBscript. I ran the following code:

<% set test_var = 'ffffffffffffffffff....';

set test_var2 = $test_var$'fffffffffffffffff....';

set test_len = len($test_string$); set tset_len2 = len($test_string2$); $> Test 1: $test_len$ <br /> Test 2: $test_len2$

All the 'ffffffffffffff....' are 10,000 consecutive f's.

I found that when loading above, test_len would be no more than 8180. In addition, test_len2 would be no more than 16349. 8180 is really close to 8192, or 8kb. And 16349 - 8180 is just a bit less than 8180, 8169. But the line that sets test_var2 has 11 more characters in it than the line that sets test_var, which is also the difference between their lengths. So it seems like there is somehow a limit to the length of one statement.

I've noticed that this affects the size of variables getting passed in via a POST by a browser, except that the maximum size of any variables from a POST is 8192 characters long, or 8kb.

I guess I wanted to bring this to your attention, and to see if there was a way to make this size bigger ever? Thanks,

Chris Streeter


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