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RE: ODBScript inside ASP files, John Kincaid, 09-20-2005

Not in the same file

by Roger Harris, September 20, 2005 19:25

You can't mix ASP and ODBscript in the same file, but it is possible to mix different types of scripts in the same application, since all must use standard HTTP to communicate with the browser. It's also possible for one script to redirect to another when it's finished, regardless of the script types used. For example, you might put an ODBscript "in front" of one of your existing ASP scripts. You could set the link from the Web page or from to go to the ODBscript instead of the ASP script, and then when the ODBscript is finished what it needs to do, it could redirect to the ASP script. (It would need to pass all the necessary data, of course, and the only way to do that with the ODBscript REDIRECT command would be to pass the data in the URL.)


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