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RE: Will ODBscript understand XML in the future?, Louis, 10-05-2005

Maybe, to a limited extent, but...

by Roger Harris, October 23, 2005 01:27

... XML input is a bit difficult to work with in a non-object-oriented language: You need, at the least, something resembling object-oriented data structures (with "nested collections" of elements) to represent the XML "document tree," and ODBscript's simple variables just won't do it. (ODBscript can do XML output, of course, pretty much the same way it does HTML output.) But I have considered doing something to support basic XML parsing, if I can find a way to represent the data without making the variable syntax too complicated.

If you can explain what you kinds of things you would like to do with XML, it might help me to decide how to go about it.


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