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RE: remote User, Sam, 10-03-2005

HTTP doesn't support that

by Roger Harris, October 23, 2005 01:53

What you're talking about is the Windows username that the browser is running under, and HTTP doesn't support sending that to Web servers. (And of course, typically the browser and the server would be running on different boxes and possibly different operating systems, so the server would typically have no use for the remote username.)

There might be some way to embed a JavaSript function in a page that can get the username that the browser is running under, and then stuff that in a hidden variable that's passed to the server when the form is submitted. (I've never heard of any such function, but I'm not a JavaScript expert, so there might be one.) If it's at all possible, it would have to be something like that -- a script in the page itself, executed by the browser, that can get information from the browser and send it to the server -- not anything you can do from a script running under the server.


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