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copy one access db table to another access db

by Dave, December 12, 2005 09:04

Hello -

I need to copy a table from one MS Access database to another MS Access database.

I found the below code and it works fine. However, the stuData.mdb is the one that needs user/password info NOT the esystem DSN. I need to copy a table from stuData.mdb into esystem. esystem has to be first because I need to drop the STU table created there. Then I need to copy the table from stuData.STU into the esystem DSN db. I need to be able to supply a DSN or DBQ db where stuData.mdb is, or some other work around.

<!--DATABASE DSN=esystem;UID=Admin; PWD=password -->
<!--SQL SELECT * INTO STU FROM STU IN stuData.mdb-->

Thanks, Dave


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