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RE: I use abyss but have no CGI dir...should I create one in the root?, h1pst3r, 12-07-2005

about CGI dir

by Dave, December 12, 2005 18:43

It should not matter where you put it. After reviewing

, you just create a directory and copy the ODB.exe to that folder. Give CGI the corect parameters and ODB.exe the correct interpreters, as they call it, and there you go. You'll probably have to mess around with a bit to get it working properly, because you still have to set up the permissions for the folder(s). Abyss calls them Aliases it looks like, for you template files. On this forum search out IIS setup, or IIS and you get a general idea of how to setup MS IIS. That should lead you in the right direction.

Hope this helps.



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