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Need to know how you're trying to run it

by Roger Harris, December 25, 2005 10:30

ODBscript is designed as a CGI program to run under a web server, so it won't work if you just load the sample HTML and click on a link. (It is possible to run it offline in the Windows Command window (or run CMD) by specifying an input script in the run command, as described in the Users Guide. However, that's primarily intended as a way to generate pages offline -- by also specifying an output file -- which can then be uploaded to a website.) The example in the download is designed to run under a web server.

So, first question: Are you running it as a CGI under a web server, and if so, which one? You may already have IIS (or the limited functionality PWS) installed on your Windows system, but it needs to be running (which you can do from the Internet Services Manager, in the Administrative Tools window). The odb.exe program needs to be installed on the the CGI directory (which will usually be \inetpub\cgi-bin but your setup may be different).

If you don't have IIS or PWS already installed, you can download IIS from microsoft.com, but if you're just interested in testing ODBscript, I'd really recommend downloading the freeware Xitami server. It's much smaller, easier to set up, and less intrusive. You should be able to find it with any Web search engine. When you run the installer, it's ready to go; just put the odb.exe on the \xitami\xitami-25\app\cgi-bin directory, and then run Xitami from the Start menu.

Next, you need to have the sample files installed on the Web server's "root" directory, or preferrably on a subdirectory under that directory. For IIS, that should be \inetpub\wwwroot, or for Xitami it's \xitami\xitami-25\app\webpages. For any web server, the root directory should be shown in the configuration information.

With a web server running on your PC, you can access it using the special domain name localhost, so entering localhost/cgi-bin/odb.exe in a browser should run the program. Or, to run the sample program, enter localhost/ and the file path under the web root where you installed it, similar to a URL that you would use to access any web site. This in not really "offline": Although the Internet is not being used to access the web site (so you don't have to be connected to do this), TCP/IP and HTTP protocal are being used the same way they would to access a site on the net -- they're just being used locally instead of across the net.

If none of this is making sense to you, I'm afraid you will need to invest some time learning the basics of web server operation.


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