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RE: (Reply), Ian, 01-03-2006

by Dave, January 4, 2006 20:35

So you have (or whatever your IP address is) in the browser address bar OR is you browser pulling up the index.htm file locally like "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\index.htm" kind of thing in the browser address bar?

If itís the latter, then IIS is not running or your opening the file from a local folder. If it's the former then odb.exe is not setup properly. In IIS open up the web site, right click on it and go to properties. Click on Home Directory tab and then the Configuration button. Click add, point the executable to the odb.exe. Give it an extension of .odb and select ALL VERBS. I know you can limit this to certain ones, but I never have. Click OK and then apply it. After that, run Click on a link and ODB.exe should tell you that it canít find the template specified rather than pulling up the page cannot be found. At least you'll know if IIS is running and processing .odb files.



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